Tell-Tale Signs That He’s Not Serious About You


A woman’s intuition is very rarely wrong. So, if you have a feeling that he is only using you. And is not being serious about relationship. As a means to pass the time, you may be right. But, just to be sure here are a list of tell-tale signs to help you spot. Whether he is or isn’t serious about you. Bear in mind that these tell-tale signs refer to a man who you have started talking with and have engaged in some sort of romantic relationship.


  1. He doesn’t want you to meet his family


When a guy is totally crazy about you, he can’t wait to introduce you to his family and friends. He will grab the first opportunity to invite you to his parent’s house. He will introduce you to his girlfriend and not his ‘friend’. If your crush hasn’t initiated a meeting like this, he isn’t that serious about you or he is still thinking about whether he wants you to be his girlfriend.

  1. He doesn’t make future plans, not even near future


A man who is interested will make plans with you. He wants to get to know you and spend time with you. So, if he is constantly busy with other things, he is too busy for you. Even early on during a romantic relationship, men will hint at your future. They will say things like, “you will look amazing in a wedding dress’ or ‘it seems like you will be a perfect mother.’ If he’s not flattering you with these words, he hasn’t considered you in his future.


  1. He cancels on you, all the time


You have been looking forward to your date for quite some time and then, last-minute, he cancels. Firstly, he doesn’t respect your time and secondly, a man who is really interested will make the time to spend a night with you.


  1. He takes his time to reply to your messages


Only he could be playing hard to get, but chances are – he isn’t serious or excited about messaging you.


  1. He only talks about himself


Men who are really interested in you will ask you all about yourself. I have a list of 101 practical marriage questions available for you to look at some questions a guy would ask you if he was truly interested in a future with you. Getting to know someone is part of the relationship process, and if he isn’t putting in any effort to really get to know you, then perhaps, he isn’t interested in getting to know you.


  1. You don’t feel comfortable around him


A big tell-tale sign whether two people belong together is if they feel comfortable with someone. If you are constantly worried about your looks or feeling that you can’t be yourself then he is probably feeling the same thing. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company. You shouldn’t feel judged. If he is criticizing everything you do then he doesn’t think that you’re all that! It’s not the end of the road when a man doesn’t show interest in you. The best thing for you to do is to move on as soon as possible. has a huge database of single and eligible men who can’t wait to be serious with you and treat you like a real queen.





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