The Right Guy Will Not Leave You Wondering Where You Stand

How the Right Guy Will Assure You Where You Stand

The Right Guy for you will do everything in his power to assure you that he wants to be exclusive. He will treat you like the goddess you are


There is no rhyme or reason as to what causes a person to fall genuinely in love, sometimes it turns out that you are just too good for the object of your affection.

When a woman with the pure and shining heart of a goddess falls for a mere sinful mortal, they are just not on the same frequency spiritually.

Careless comments and sketchy behavior plant seeds of doubt in the mind and you might begin to question the relationship and wonder where you stand.

Do you really want to invest your time and love into some half-assed punk who leaves you hanging like a caterpillar from a tree branch?

That’s like serving your heart on a silver platter to someone who doesn’t eat meat!

the right guy will always value you and your feelings. He will be careful not to allow the chance of you being swept away by another man.


He Reassures You When You Get Insecure

The right guy knows what he wants and it’s you. He will tell you this often and reassure you if your insecurities surface because he accepts everything about you.

While a lesser man might get annoyed if you question him. The right guy will take the time to address any worrisome experience that you might be going through.

However, if your insecurities show up frequently he might become disheartened if you can’t see that he loves you. So try to only raise your fears with him on rare occasions that are on the level of an emotional emergency.


You Trust Him With Your Life

The type of man that goes out of his way to prove himself to you, by helping you in any way he can, is the one for you.

Some guys are not romantic by nature, but they will still take care of you emotionally and in practical ways.

You will feel a deep sense of trust and know that you can count on him to be there in times of need.

He won’t lose sleep at night wondering if you are enough or constantly feel threatened by other women. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that the right guy is one hundred percent invested in you.


You Can Be Yourself Around Him

No need for waking up super early to put on your makeup and do your hair in preparation for the right guy.

He tells you that you are beautiful, even when you are in your natural state, and he means it!

You can tell that he is really into you and feel comfortable being your cute crazy self around him.

The right guy seems to bring out the real you, and you feel confident telling him your deepest secrets.  He respects your opinions and agrees with most of them because he is on the same wavelength mentally.

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