10 Ways to Impress a Girl

Finding ways to impress a girl can be overwhelming, especially when trying to woo her. Our insecurities don’t hold back, and keenly rear their ugly head right at this inconvenient moment. The key to most things that are worth your time is to not to overthink it, but nerves can get the best of anyone. Here are some suggestions to think about the next time you are trying to impress a girl you like.


  • Sense of Humor – making someone laugh releases that feel good hormone – oxytocin. When you have those little guys kicking around, things can move forward fast. Just keep it appropriate, because things can go downhill fast if you take things too far.



  • Have True Intentions – If your only intention is to bed her, and you pretend like you are interested in her, she will see right through you. No one is impressed with a liar. And it’s the fastest way to let her down. Unless your goal is only sex, then make that obvious from the beginning.



  • Be Relatable – When you let down your guard, and allow someone to know a deeper you, they will feel closer and more inclined to trust themselves with you.



  • Listen – It’s important that she feels heard, and it’s important that you listen to her. Listening skills go beyond trying to impress a girl, so make sure you pay attention.



  • Intelligence Matters – Read the news, acquire a new skill, start learning Chinese on a language app, keep yourself up to date on the status of the world economics – intelligence is sexy, willful ignorance is not.



  • Tone Down the Negativity – There is a reason you see ‘positive vibes only’ littered all over social media. Because we’ve all had that one friend who could bring everyone down with their emotional toxicity. Don’t be that person, keep an optimistic view and stifle the negativity. You catch more bees with honey if you get my drift.



  • Be Goal Oriented – Let’s face it, it’s very hard to impress a girl if you are just wandering through life without focus. Having set goals for you, in career and personal life, is not only impressive, but it’s also inspiring.



  • Don’t Play Games – There is nothing more annoying than someone who thinks head games are cute. If she texts you, for goodness sake text her back. Don’t wait a week trying to play it “cool”; there is nothing cool about letting a good girl slip through your fingers. Read more about how to avoid game playing here



  • Cook for Her – Calling up your mom for her famous carrot cake recipe will make the girl you are trying to impress swoon. Even if the results are less than stellar it’s the thought that counts. You put effort and time into this, and it won’t go unnoticed.



  • Respect  – Respect is something that will never go out of style. Having respect not just for her, but yourself and everyone around you is incredibly attractive.


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