Get the Girl without Playing Games

We live in an era where serial dating means ignoring girls when we want to make them want us. We try to make them jealous instead of showing them how we really feel. We lie and cheat and makeup excuses because we think this is how to get a girl to want us.

When really, a girl just wants to know how you feel. They want you to be upfront and honest with your intentions – if you are just looking for a casual fling, surely it is better to have a conversation and agree to those terms than pursue something that maybe the other person feels is more?

Dating Apps have become a great place to hook up with people rather than to meet a partner and consent to trying to build a relationship. Websites such as changes the idea of using modern technology for the purposes of serial dating and instead encourages an open and honest start to the building of a relationship. It takes away the pretenses of ‘what does this mean?’ and ‘I don’t know if he’s serious about me’ and replaces them with clear intentions to build a future together.

We have explored courting in the modern era, and this avoids all concepts of playing a game and we can only see advantages to that.

Don’t get the girl through lies and manipulation.

Get the girl for being yourself.

Get the girl because you made your intentions clear.

Get the girl because of your transparency.

Go and get the girl.

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