Texting: That Will Make Him Want You

Texting: That Will Make Him Want You

Making a guy fall in love with you can be very easy when you’re together and in person, but you also want to make sure he wants you when you are not around


Texting is a huge weapon that you can use to make him want you, as long as you know how to play it right with some texting guidelines.

There are some messages that are really going to catch his attention and get him thinking about you so much more. With that in mind, I am going to talk to you about some of the things you should message him about, in order to make him want you.


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Be Engaging

The worst text message that you can ever send to a guy you like, is simply “hi”. By doing this you are giving him nothing to work with and showing him that you have nothing about you, which definitely won’t make him want you.

So make sure that when the first time you are texting him, it is engaging. If it is boring, the likelihood is he won’t reply. Make sure that he knows you’ve been thinking about, and make sure that you leave it open for him to respond and interact. It will help a lot.


Be Busy

A great way to get into his head and make him start thinking about you more is to show him that you have a busy life. Obviously not so busy that you will never have time for him, but just enough to show him that you have an exciting life.

Let him know that you are heading out to the gym, or to a family meal, or for drinks with friends and that you will message him again later. This lets him know that you are sociable and exciting but also caring enough to let him know you will get back to him. Nobody likes to be left hanging.


Less Emojis

While using emojis can be a lot of fun and you can use them to flirt with a guy, don’t become one of those girls who constantly uses them all the time, especially if you are texting a guy who never uses them.

Try to see how much he uses emojis and try to match that amount of use. When does he use emojis and what is his purpose of using them. If you can get this right, then he will appreciate you more and not see you as being juvenile.


No Abbreviations

Text speak has become absolutely huge among the youth of today, and it is actually becoming a problem with their spelling and grammar. So don’t use this awful text to speak when you are messaging him, as it will make you seem like an uneducated child.

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Write your text messages to him properly and spell out each and every word how it should be. Abbreviations might save you time but it will also make you look lazy and childish. So be aware of the words you are typing.

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