Texting Guidelines and Etiquette While Dating

Texting is a wonderfully convenient tool that can be done anywhere, at any time. But just a quick search on the Internet can lead one to many funny and embarrassing text exchanges between lovers. Why is that? Because there are a certain etiquette and responsibility that comes along with texting while dating. Here are a few tips to note now that you are in the dating game.



Don’t Text While Drunk

The morning after a wild party, you check your phone and shame washes over you head to toe. After too many margaritas, inhibitions flew out the window and you sent a slew of inappropriate text messages to your date. The ‘read’ sign glares at you and there is no way to take back what you wrote. There is only one way to handle this, and it’s never to do that again. When you drink, put your phone away until you sober up.


Don’t Text Under High Emotions

 Texting anyone while upset is a no-no, but this goes especially for the person you’re dating. Too many emotions are running high and it’s inevitable that you say something you don’t mean and can’t take back. Wait until you cool off to send that message, and give your thumbs a rest.



Keep It Short and Sweet. This is the best way to make sure that what you say won’t be misconstrued. Since the person is not face-to-face when you are speaking those words, the possibility to take things the wrong way can be incredibly high. Best to avoid long diatribes and save them for your meetups.


Don’t Over Send

We all are guilty of sending one too many texts at one time or another. Inundating someone with an onslaught of messages is not only annoying it’s off-putting. Your date could read into this as needy or desperate, and those just aren’t cute qualities.


Use Emojis Wisely

 If you’re one to add emojis to every text message, you certainly are not alone. Emojis add a fun layer to exchanges but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Too many can make you look crazy!


Spelling and Punctuation

Oh dear, things can go downhill fast when grammar rules fly out the window. When you send glaring mistakes either in spelling or punctuation, it can drastically change your meaning or tone. It comes across as careless or even lazy.


Save The Big Conversations

 Whether you want to take your relationship to the next level or make a big declaration of love, save it for when you are in person. A quick text asking to talk later will suffice.


Put The Phone Down!

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort into your text exchanges with your date. So when you are spending quality time together, enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s not cute when one or both of you are constantly on your phone instead of being present with one another. Text message should enhance a relationship; it shouldn’t be the only thing holding it together

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