Types of Depression

The 3 Different Types of Depression You Must Know

People often consider that there are only two different types of depression, such as the clinic depression (requiring treatment) or the regular depression, which is pretty common for anyone to go through during daily life routine. However, depression is recognized as a mood disorder, which is a prolonged feeling of sadness. People experiencing depression often show less interest in things that they used to be passionate about. Depression can affect a person’s capability of thinking, feeling, and behaving in certain situations, which often interfere with your capability of dealing with the functions and requirements to continue with daily life.

It is extremely important to have information about different types of depression; therefore, some of its types have been described below:


  1. The Major Depression Disorder

People often relate to clinical depression during describing depression. It is a mood disorder, which makes you less interested in different enjoyable activities. You might experience a change in your weight and sleep. Dealing with issues of concentration and guilt are common symptoms of major depressive disorder. However, if the condition stays longer than a period of two weeks, then a patient might experience signs of suicide and depression.

A person in this type of depression will feel nothing exciting in life. He or she will have a certain state of mind. They will keep on revolving in a specific circle of thoughts, and it is difficult to get out of those negative ideas. If you experience any of the symptoms, then you need to consult your doctor. One of the useful therapies is talk therapy, which enables you to communicate your fears and problems with a professional. It will assist you in dealing with your state of depression. A therapist might prescribe you some antidepressants depending upon your situation.


  1. The Persistent Depression Disorder

This type of chronic depression is present in the patient for different days during months and years. This type of depression could be mild, severe, and moderate. You might experience a change in appetite, change in sleep patterns, fatigue, low self-esteem, and feelings of hopelessness.

The patient falls back during certain days of the week. You will see a different personality in them in those days. However, they will be living a normal life when they come out of that phase of transition. The treatment of Persistent depression disorder involves psychotherapy and some other medications. You can also contact GoMarry.com for their assistance.


  1. The Bipolar Disorder

A bipolar disorder is also recognized as manic depression, which involves periods of higher energy to low depressive periods. People usually experience symptoms of major depression during bipolar disorder. However, it is important to consult your doctor and start medication for dealing with elevated mood swings. All types of depression can lead to some other mental or physical disorders.

He can suggest different antidepressants for stabilizing your mood swings. Staying active by participating in different exercises can assist in dealing with depression. You can also sign up at GoMarry.com and get their assistance in dealing with your situation.

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