The Promiscuous Men

To the despair of many women, the male gender has long been associated with dishonesty and mistrust. This isn’t to say that women aren’t unfaithful, but traditionally men are known as the ones who look outside of the relationship for satisfaction. The reasons for such deceitfulness vary depending on the individual. Maybe the girlfriend or wife isn’t sexually adventurous enough, or maybe there’s an emotional connection missing between them that affects their intimacy, and often the cause is simply boredom. Though there is possibly a more fundamental cause of infidelity.


If you look in nature, the male is biologically programmed to find a female to procreate with in order to carry on his genes. In a lot of cases, there is very little discrimination when it comes to the quantity and quality of females he’d be willing to mate with. In fact, most mammals are polygamous, and in the wild this makes sense. To ensure greater chances of successful reproduction, it’s logical to have more than just one partner. But there are also a few species that are strictly monogamous, which brings up the debate of whether humans fall under this category or not.



With the world being so densely populated, it’s not as much of a necessity to focus on reproduction as it once was. This can be confusing because we are hard-wired to seek someone to conceive a child with. Having children is not our sole purpose anymore, so man’s natural instinct to spread his seed has become an out-dated and invalid impulse. With loyalty becoming an increasingly rare attribute, it’s much more important to find someone dependable and trustworthy to team up with. Visit to read up on many other similar topics.


True as it may be that men were predominantly the ones to cheat, these days it is becoming more casual for women in westernized counties to be perfidious. A combination of social and media influence has convinced women that it’s acceptable to approach dating the same way men do. It seems men are becoming more devoted to being in a committed relationship, while women are realizing that they can be as equally remote as so many men have been in the past. Still, a warm, supporting, motherly intuition remains constant in the majority of women, and this virtue flourishes with the dedication of a morally decent man.


Regardless of whether it’s men or women being promiscuous, couples need to work on the deeper qualities in their relationships to eliminate the idea of cheating altogether. If their love is strong and true, and both people are in the relationship for the right reasons, fooling around with others won’t even be an option. It’s up to each individual to make a conscious choice as to whether they are willing to commit themselves to another and make that person a priority in their lives, or whether they want to stay commitment free and remain open to a series of frequent yet emotionally empty hook-ups.

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