Thinking: Difference Between Men and Women


It’s worth noting that there is so much more to this theme than gossip magazines have to say. There is an obvious acknowledgment of the part played by our personality traits in controlling our life choices and mental state and happiness in general. A better understanding of men and women differences in personality could help build up equal chances for all. With men, the reason is stronger and feelings are more hidden. On the contrary, women’s feelings are more external, while the reasoning processes are hushed up a bit.


Sometimes it’s really a wonder how they can hang together at all since they manage all areas of life so differently. They are complete opposites in a way they react, think and especially in a way they feel. Women are definitely more passionate, expressive and up with their feelings. Most women don’t see anything wrong with letting the tears flow down no matter the situation. Men are a little more reserved when it comes to expressing themselves. They are ready to keep their emotions suppressed until they are all alone and can let it open and deal with them. Sometimes it’s too late and they are carrying all these worries like a burden which makes them no good.


Women have been found to experience pain more intensely because of their hormones namely estrogen, but they recover from pain faster. Again, owing to the hormones, testosterone men’s hormones elevate men’s tolerance for pain and allows them to withstand it much longer. Men rarely put on their „thinking caps“ for problem-solving, but when they do they are very thorough. On the other hand, women are wearing these caps all the time, and they are innate problem solvers and makers as well. There is no problem in my life?! That’s impossible? How can I make it up?-women’s brain talking.


And this is how it looks in practice:

W.How are you?

M: I haven’t slept all night. I feel a bit sleepy now.

W (Internal dialogue lasting deep into the night): He’s cheating on me. He’s on some of the dating sites. Why on Earth he hasn’t slept the last night? I’ll stay up all night only to catch him cheating on.

M: Honey, is there something wrong?

W: Why are you asking? Everything is just perfect!


Also, women are expecting that this fairy tale story lasts forever. Men are not aware of being in that fairy tale at all. Women’s expectations are almost always higher, but if you ask her something like- „Where would you like us to spend a vacation?“- on a second date, you’ll scare her away even though that’s exactly what prince charming would say. All in all, I feel that women are more complicated, more honest and even more trustworthy than men.  Men are practical, less emotionally available but once they fall in love hat’s a lifetime love!


If you want to find out some of these differences in a healthy way I definitely recommend you

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