The Signs: You Can Do Way Better Than Your Partner

The Signs: You Can Do Way Better Than Your Partner
Our hearts don’t always fall for the right person at the right time. Sometimes we give our hearts to people who don’t deserve our love at all


I never fully understood the concept of “love is blind” until I was on the other side of a toxic relationship. Read:

They say hindsight’s a bitch, and when I think back to all of the red flags I consciously ignored I can agree one hundred percent.

There were so many times I willed myself to believe I was crazy.  When my gut feeling was actually right.

Love has a way of making people slightly insane and sometimes, in the case of a toxic relationship. The hope that things will get better can be an irrational and dangerous illusion.


You Find Yourself Excusing Their Bad Behavior And Putting Up With Some Crazy BS

Deep down inside you know that the way your partner treats you is not right.  But your heart wants to believe that it will work out so badly, you find yourself making excuses for them.

As your heart slowly breaks, and thoughts spin around your mind. You somehow come up with ways to rationalize anything that could be perceived as a deal breaker.

Your mind tells you that you need to love this person unconditionally and forgive them. But in your heart of hearts, you know that it is not a good idea to stick around.

Believe me, the type of person who would cause such inner turmoil. He or she  will only perceive your forgiveness as weakness or permission to do the same thing again.


You Get Hit On By Other People And Wander If Things Would Be Better With Them

When once you were loyal, you notice that you start fantasizing about having a romantic relationship with flirty strangers.

Being in a toxic relationship is no joke, and when your partner constantly belittles or dismisses yours. It is only natural to seek respect and understanding elsewhere. Rather than acting on impulse, end things with your partner in a decent way so that the drama doesn’t continue.

Then you will be free to experience true and healthy love with whoever you please.


You Keep What Really Happens In Your Relationship A Secret

You are certain that you have found true love and no matter what your partner does, you don’t want to leave.

You are probably aware that you are caught up in an unhealthy relationship.  So in order to avoid the well-meaning advice of others, you try to cover up by acting like everything is dandy.

Just remember, a person can only change if they want to and it will take a lot of effort on their part.

If you are struggling to end a toxic relationship, think about the effect it will have on your mental health and your future. You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect by everyone and this respect and true love can only be had a true soul mate. Sign up to and you will be amazed to see how easy is it to be with a man of your dreams.


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