Toxic People

Toxic People: How to Deal With Judgmental People


Unfortunately, the world is full of toxic people. Not everyone has the greatest intentions for us in their hearts. However, some of the people who are closest to us can sometimes be judgmental towards our choices, personality, and lifestyle. How can you cope with this and deal with a judgemental person? What are the steps that you can take to make this relationship healthier?

  1. Voice Your Concerns

When someone is criticizing and judging you often, you should never go about it silently. It’s always important to express that their judgment is bothering you. Why? Because they might not even realize they are doing it! Many judgmental people actually do it quite subconsciously and do not even realize that they are hurting your feelings. Therefore, if you let them know and explain how you feel, you might point their behavior out to them and let them change.

  1. Don’t Let Them Shake Your Self-Confidence

Judgmental people are basically harmless unless you let them shatter your self-confidence. Then, they are absolutely toxic to your self-being and life. If you let a purposely judgmental person shake up your self-confidence and positivity, they are actually achieving their goal. Don’t give them the satisfaction of making you feel bad and continue rocking on despite the criticism!

  1. Don’t Fight Back

When someone gives you criticism, a basic defensive reaction is to repay them in the same way. For example, when someone gives you an under-handed insult (“that dress looks great on you, even in that size!”), resist the urge to make a nasty remark back to the person. These back-and-forth criticism dynamics are actually what pushes it forward in most cases. If you’re dealing with a person who is constantly judgmental towards you, first ask yourself if it’s possible that you’re judgmental towards them too. If this is the case, you should see a great improvement once you stop fighting back with counter-blows.

  1. Just Be Yourself

Being comfortable in your own skin is a precious feeling and it’s an experience that should be on the top of your priority list. No person, however important to you, should make you want to change yourself or question your self-worth. Remember: there will always be judgmental people out there. You couldn’t change this even if you were absolutely perfect. So, isn’t it better to just be yourself and enjoy the ride?

  1. Cut Them Out If You Can

It’s always good to cut out toxic people from your life (people who make you feel bad). As hard as it may seem, you will begin to see positive effects on your life and relationships shortly. When you cut a judgmental person out of your life, you will open new doors for healthy, productive relationships. For example, if you’re looking for a marriage where your partner will not judge you, you can find it on Introduce yourself and meet potential marriage partners who know the power of positive communication and healthy relationships.


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