Toxic Relationship

Difference Between A Narcissist and An Empath


Toxic relationships are all around us. Wherever you look, you can notice couples who simply drain each other’s energies. You might wonder why they are together in the first place. Well, certain personality types simply cling to each other and it’s very hard to pull them apart, however dysfunctional their relationship might be.

One example of a highly dysfunctional, toxic relationships are the ones between a narcissist and an empath. This relationship can bring a lot of hurt to both partners, not only the empath. If you want to know how it looks like and see if you might be in this type of relationship, read the signs below.


Who is A Narcissist


Narcissism is a term that gets thrown around quite a lot in recent years. Modern psychology and pop science love to use this term to describe self-centered persons. However, narcissism is much deeper than that. It’s an actual psychological disorder with symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Narcissists are people who express a great show of self-worth and inflated confidence, but they are actually very self-conscious. Through therapy work, it’s often discovered that the narcissist despises himself and nurtures a great deal of self-hate. They project this self-hate to other people around them and make them feel like they are better than them.

It’s extremely hard to maintain a happy, loving relationship with a narcissist.


Who is an Empath


Just like the name of the term says, an empath is a person who possesses a great deal of empathy. They can’t help it but feel deeply for the problems of people around them. They have a tendency to ignore their own desires and needs to help other people.

Even though being an empath seems altruistic and heroic, it’s actually very unhealthy for the person’s mental health. Constant focus on others will drain the person and, without noticing, layer all kinds of problems in the empath’s subconscious.

Being in a relationship with an empath can be beautiful and fulfilling, but many people take advantage of them without even noticing.


The Relationship Between a Narcissist and an Empath


Now, we come to the question of why these two personality types are such an (in)perfect match. It’s quite easy to explain. When you take the behavior of these two people into consideration, it’s very logical to see why they attracted each other.

A narcissist is looking for someone who will help them maintain their fake image of being privileged, entitled and better than others. An empath is a person who will do just that. An empath is a person who will stand by all of the manipulation, deceit and lies the narcissist prepares for them. The narcissist’s nature will thrive in these circumstances. As for the empath, for them, this presents a perfect chance to help someone and transform someone for the better. This is the harsh reality of their level of toxicity.

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