How to Trigger Commitment in a Man

The male-female game of dating is something you could write endless books about. It’s incredibly complex. The particle reason for this complexity is that men and women process emotions in different ways.


It’s also proven that men and women communicate differently. All of this leads to men having a question mark over their heads when it comes to women. It’s no different with women wondering about men’s intentions and reactions as well.


One of the most common problems or questions females come across is how to get a man to commit.


Everything seems to be going great, you get along perfectly, you have loads of fun, the sex is great… But, he still hasn’t called you his girlfriend or introduced you to his friends! What’s the story behind this? Why doesn’t he want to commit to you, even though your relationship is going great?


First of all, men simply view commitment differently than women. For men, committing to a single woman is a very scary act of jeopardizing their independence and freedom. They might not be players who want to play the field – even if they’re interested in you, and you only – they still might find it hard to commit.


However, when they do decide to do so, the connection is stable and firm and you can expect a long-time partner. This act of commitment is usually triggered by certain personality traits that a man recognizes in his partner.


So, what are these triggers?


  1. Show Him That You’re Serious About Your Relationship

Sure, casual flings are fun, but no man wants to date someone who sees their relationship as a temporary thing. Before he can open himself up and promise his commitment, you need to show that you’re in it for the long run. The keyword is: show, don’t tell. Prioritize him over unimportant, mundane things and he’ll realize that you’re taking him seriously.


  1. Be Loyal

Before you can get a man to commit, you have to commit first. Loyalty and faithfulness are extremely important for men when it comes to searching for a woman to commit to. If you want to lock down your Mr. Perfect, don’t date other people or flirt with other guys. If he sees that he’s not the only man in your life, he will leave the relationship.


  1. Channel Your Inner Beyonce and Be Irreplaceable

This is definitely easier said than done, but this is the biggest trigger for commitment when it comes to men. If you ask any married man when he had decided he will be with his wife forever, they’ll always say that they realized that they couldn’t live without her. Triggering this feeling and reaction is very hard, as you need to be deeply embedded into someone’s life and thoughts to be able to spark this.


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