True Love in a Relationship

If you have had bad experiences in love, it makes you feel like true love is unachievable and basically a lie. However, true love is not something out of Hollywood rom-coms – it actually exists! You can meet your true love and get married on, the world’s first ‘Marriage Only Matchmaking’ website. But, how will you know when things are right? How will you know when the person you’re with is the person you’re supposed to be with your entire life?


You Accept Each Other’s Flaws


Sure, it’s easy to love someone’s kindness, sense of humor, sociability, but what about all those little flaws was everyone has? What about snoring in the middle of the night or being petty about a couple of dollars? True love means accepting the person in their entirety, which implies both their virtues and flaws.


When you’re with your true love for a long period of time, you learn to love all the quirky little things and flaws that make them who they are. You realize that their tiny not-so-perfect traits are what actually makes them unique and perfect.


You Complete Each Other


You may be different people, but that’s what makes you perfect. You complement each other and fight each other’s fears and insecurities. Your true love partner will always inspire you to be a better person. This is in line with accepting each other: in a true love relationship, both of the partners are aware that the other person is not perfect, but they still aim to make one another better.


You Feel at Peace


One of the most overrated feelings in dating and relationships is infatuation. Many people believe that the right person for them will make them feel nervous and anxious, which is interpreted as excitement.

As the saying goes, when you meet your true love, you won’t have butterflies in your stomach, but a feeling of calm. You won’t be nervous, but you’ll feel peaceful and content.


You’re Always There For Each Other


Just like the marriage oath goes: “through good times and the bad”. It’s very easy to maintain a happy relationship while both partners are in a good place. However, as soon as things go south, many people try to find an exit from the relationship.

True love relationships are adamant about spending a lifetime with each other. Of course, in life, there will always be bad times and negative events. True love partners know that the bad times are also a normal part of life, and they want to go through them with their partner by their side.


You Feel Completely Authentic and like Your True Self


When you meet your true love, you’ll feel like you’ve finally found your authentic self. You’ll have a person who will accept you as you are. This means that you’ll be able to be 100% you at all times, with no pretending or sugar-coating. This is a wonderful and liberating feeling, as all the roles of perfect people we play all day long can feel very far from the truth.

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