70. Dietary needs and cuisines

Different people have different dietary needs and may prefer different cuisines. This may seem like an unusual question it is vital to answer, since meals are a very important aspect in a relationship. You are most likely going to be eating most of your meals with your significant other, so it crucial to find out any specific needs & habits.

Thinking back to the question about medical conditions; if you or your potential spouse have any ailments or disorders relating to the stomach, gut, kidneys etc, specific dietary needs will soon follow.

Some people may have gluten or wheat allergies, some may have irritable bowel syndrome or be lactose intolerant and therefore could require a restrictive diet.

If you are entering into an interracial marriage, you need to know what type of food makes the cut for you. Can you blend both cuisines into a mix that works for both of you, or will you be eating/cooking separate meals?  

If you love your food, which we all do,hen don’t skip on the following sub questions:

  • How many times a day do they eat?
  • Is there anything they dislike to eat?
  • Can you eat your partner’s cuisine every single day?
  • What is their most important meal in a day?
  • Are they open to trying new cuisine?
  • Any allergies or intolerances to certain foods?
  • Do they have any specific dietary needs?
  • How often do you eat take-out?

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