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How to Deal with a Girl Who Has Trust Issues

Love is a tricky business in today’s day and age. In love, trust issue can really make a difference. We start out so innocent and young, ready to jump in with both belief and feet in the fairytale. This fantasy goes on until our first real heartbreak occurs. After that, we become vigilant.

Thanks to digital media, sometimes our perception of love is unreal and naïve. Once trust issues are developed, there’s almost no turning back. Trust is non-negotiable. It’s one of the major tenants of any healthy relationship. Gaining someone’s trust is never easy and if the girl has trust issues, it becomes quite impossible.

Let me guide you on how to deal with a girl who has trust issues.

Make sure your intentions are genuine

First of all, you must have good intentions. You must be clear in your relationship and love her wholeheartedly. Over a period of time, she has become very intuitive about who she should and should not trust.

Support her

You can’t fix her trust issues but you can support her. Leave the fixing of trust issues to her and a good counselor. Therapy will let her distinguish between the bad things happened to her in the past and the good things happening now. If you’ll try to fix her issues, she’ll consider it as an invading in her personal life. Instead of that, you must support her in following the tips and techniques to deal with the issue of trust.

Be patient with her

Trust issues can’t be changed or modified overnight. You must give her the proper time to recover from the trauma of bad things happened in the past. It doesn’t matter if you say, ‘you can trust me’ because she’ll never trust you in that way. Take it slow and build something solid.


You should talk to her a lot. Don’t ask her questions but tell her about yourself. In this way, she can develop trust. Tell her to ask anything that makes her worry. Be friendly and calm when you talk to her. As a result, she’ll feel more confident when you’re around.

Offer loving, positive reassurance

Caring and loving support will help you to convince her that you’re here to support her in all areas of life. It will be hard for her to believe at an initial stage because of past bad things but you must keep on demonstrating good behavior.

Try new couples activities together

Trying new things together will allow her to come out of her comfort zone. For instance, you can take her to a yoga class. In this way, she’ll develop trust unconsciously.

Talk about her fears

One way to build trust is to discuss her insecurities and fears. You must ask her what makes her worry in a relationship. Encourage her to explain her concerns. It will help you to make certain lifestyle changes to accommodate her concerns. If you’re still single and looking for some amazing partner, register at Here you’ll find thousands of profiles with real identities and photos.

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