Get Over Your Relationship

Trying Hard But Can’t Get Over Your Relationship Problems? Do This!


You have tried hard. Rationalized, pleaded and communicated. Yet nothing you seem to do is enough to overcome the barrier your relationship has hit. You cannot help but think. Is this the end of your relationship? is here to help you through this trying time.


Communication is Key

I am sure you will agree that we have all heard it a thousand times before. Communication is key in any relationship. Yet you do not feel you are being heard, the proverbial distance between you and your partner seems to be growing daily. You feel like you are speaking a different language. Perhaps that your partner is just not prepared to listen to what you have to say. So how does one overcome this and decide whether to continue to fight and stay the distance or whether to break up and move on with your life?


How to Try and Fix Your Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Statistics show that most relationships work in a flow pattern of seven years. Ever heard of the seven-year itch? This is because people naturally develop in different patterns. Throughout the course of your relationship, your partner and yourself will have very different needs from everyday life. Work pressures, peer influences and different interests all contribute to the break down of one’s relationships. It is key to find common ground and keep the lines of communication open. Finding common interests and remembering what it was that attracted you to them at the beginning of your relationship will go a long way in ensuring you are able to overcome this barrier. Taking some quiet time to analyze where things may have gone wrong and regrouping your thoughts as to what you need from the relationship is beneficial. This helps you assess where things may need to change and helps you to focus your attention. Once you have established that, you can seek advice and counseling from a professional who will help you overcome these problems without the fear that you may argue.

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One Last Try

If you have already tried all of these avenues and nothing seems to be working. It may be time to hang up the towel. The fact of the matter is, no relationship is worth your sanity and happiness. Sometimes all of the counseling, advice and relationship memories are just not enough. And that is okay. Some barriers are not designed to be climbed over. Sometimes picking a new path will bring far greater happiness than having to argue why you should stay. Ultimately, putting some distance between you and your partner may be the most beneficial decision you make for your relationship. Regathering your own focus and refinding yourself can only help improve all aspects of your life.


What to Do When Nothing Else Works

Acknowledging the end of your relationship is not admitting to failure. Chances are, that if you are feeling this way, so is your partner. Remembering that you once loved this person helps you find the respect to move on and permits them to do the same. Be honest and respect yourself enough to walk the new path. Whether that is trying to fix your relationship, climb the barrier together or moving on. Your happiness should always remain your number one priority and will always be here for advice on old or new relationships.

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