Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Firstly, well done! You found someone that you really like and you want to ask them out. The fact that you are on the internet browsing around for tips and tricks on how to ask a girl out shows that you are serious about dating and this is not just another fling for you.

Secondly, before we give you a bunch of tips on how to ask a girl out, you have to ask yourself the following few questions first.

Have you actually spoken to this girl before? The fact that you need advice on how to ask her out can show that she isn’t that approachable, maybe she’s out of your league or worst case scenario it’s someone you’ve only noticed around town and you want to see if the first date can lead to something more, because you don’t really know if you have something in common.

Is this someone you can really see yourself spending your life with, based on her personality and beliefs? Do you actually know her? Have you had deep discussions about your futures and what you want in life? If not, why?

Do you find her attractive, but only attractive? You need to be honest here. Sometimes we are driven by beauty and beautiful beings, sometimes not considering whether this girl’s personality really attracts you. We get caught up in the physicality of life and we forget about what lays beneath the surface.

This brings me to my next point. There’s no need of going through the stresses of asking a girl out. Making sure you treat her right and perhaps go completely out of your comfort zone to impress her. Not to mention all the money you’ll spend on spoiling her just so that she likes you, or allows you to kiss her, or let you take her out on a second date.

Why do you want to spend your time and waste your energy on someone when you don’t know if the future will be fruitful? Why do you want to invest in date after date after the date when you can meet someone online. That’s right – you can meet someone online and you can get married! You don’t have to woo her and cater to her every need without the prospects of a real future.

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