Every Relationship is Not Perfect, But Still It's Worth It

How To Know If You are in a Perfect Relationship

If we didn’t have inherited love and communication, there would be a far less population. And each individual would have own his own private island. But in reality, we’re highly advanced as far as building relationships are concerned


We want to love someone and to be loved. This is why we desire to develop perfect relationships. We love spending time together, hooking up, dating, seeing each other and going out. We expect feelings of loyalty, compassion, affection, love, honesty, passion and patience from our partners.


What is a healthy/perfect relationship?

An honest, open and healthy conversation is essential for a healthy relationship. In a healthy relationship, both the partners feel connected and supported. However, they also have full liberty in their choices. Both the partners set boundaries and communicate what is good and healthy for their relationship. If something doesn’t feel right, each partner has the freedom to voice his concerns to another partner. This is how perfection goes on.

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Why there is a need to save a relationship

Every relationship can’t be perfect. Do you want to know why, because we are not perfect! If partners in a relationship are not perfect, a perfect relationship can’t be achieved. A relationship is always an essential and important part of one’s life. Let me tell you why?

There is no relationship without giving. You may be giving your attention, time, money, or just a smile to your partner. This is how we share joy and happiness. Life is wonderful when we are thinking about others and not just ourselves.


Ways to improve a relationship

The main parts of any perfect relationship are a willingness to trust in each other, be able to apologize when you make mistakes, to communicate effectively, to maintain a sense of humility and humor, take responsibility for your own behavior and above to give time to each other. So there is a need for communication, understanding your partner’s requirements, being able to sacrifice your needs for your partner’s desires, and giving without expecting any returns.

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To show his love, your partner doesn’t need to buy you an ice cream or a fancy dress. However, if he does so, he acknowledges her love wholeheartedly. Express your appreciation both verbally and emotionally. Remember, bumpy phases come in every relationship so it’s better to forget the past and move forward.

Whenever conflicts arise, try to solve them. If you’re guilty, apologize to your partner. Believe me; it will enhance love and romance. Even if you’re right in an argument, there is a maturity in apologizing during an argument. If being apologetic can bring stability to a relationship, it is better to be apologetic.

You must respect your lover’s feelings and thoughts. What he is looking for and what he desires?

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