Easy mistakes girls can make to screw up a new relationship – Don’t Do This

Girls or women often make various mistakes that tend to mess up a relationship very quickly. For instance:

  1. Being too clingy or too needy: This is a mistake a lot of women make. A relationship, especially a young one, feeds on the information it gains at the beginning. Getting to know someone, and learning all their quirks. Some women, however, believe that once they begin a relationship they need to be with, or hear from that person 24 hours per day. This is a big mistake since you need to give your partner space to think about and miss you;
  2. Being extremely jealous: This is perhaps the second biggest mistake a woman can make. There is no reason why you should start out your relationship with jealousy. You do not yet have any reason to suspect that your new partner will be unfaithful, so why be jealous?
  3. Bringing mistakes from past relationships into your current relationship: This is the biggest mistake anyone can make, and this is one of the worst things you can cope with as a partner to someone who does this. By doing this you basically put the blame of whatever was done to you in a previous relationship on your new partner. For instance, you would get jealous and angry if your partner attends a football game because your previous partner cheated on you while using a football game as an excuse, or you will get angry if your partner simply asks you where you are going, because your previous partner was very jealous and would track your whereabouts.

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