What are the Signs of a Love Bomber?

What are the Signs of a Love Bomber?

Romantic gestures are common at the beginning of a relationship.  However, if you evaluate the things cautiously, you can identify the signs of love bombing


At the initial stage of a relationship, there are certain signs that the person you’re dating is a love bomber. Maybe you’re not caught up with the entire hip lingo. Let me tell you the clear signs of a love bomber.


Love bomber says “I love you” right away

As a matter of fact, there is no wrong or right time to say ‘I love you’. However, some lovers may say it in the first meeting or even at the first eye contact. The main issue is that all the relationships develop at a different pace. Sincere and loving people often take time to say the sweet L-word. They say it only when they also mean it.

Actually, falling in love is a process and takes some time. Initially, partners get to know each other before expressing their feelings. On the other hand, a love bomber quickly expresses his love, maybe on the first date or within a few days.


He shows extreme love

He not only says the L-word quickly but he will also be over-the-top when expressing his love. He will use excessive and exaggerated language to express his feelings for you. At the initial stage, it looks great to be someone’s soul mate, but with the passage of time, it becomes quite suffocating.

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He acts like your savior when you’re in a problem

It’s a really bad feeling but you can spot a sparkle in his eyes when you’re in trouble. Because now he has a great chance to control you. He’ll make it seem like he is the hero and without him, you’d be screwed. He’ll frequently remind you of this in subtle ways. A love bomber expects your appreciation as a reward for helping you. He will tell you that what he is doing is helpful and kind.


Buying your love
He will buy you a new gift every day. Well, it sounds wonderful. It really just became overwhelming. If he is continuously giving you gifts to impress you then it’s a clear sign that he is a love bomber.
Not really but seems really nice

In reality, it’s quite hard to accept such love. It looks fabricated.  In such a case, you must take a step back and evaluate things logically. Genuine people accept their shortcomings while a love bomber always pretends to be a perfect person. He is portraying a different picture of love and romance. If you’ll pay a little attention, you’ll get to the reality. You’ll surely understand that he’s just manipulating the things and playing with your emotions.


Love bomber constantly compliments you

A well-meaning and sincere compliment is an essential element of true love. But in the case of love bomber, he will shower you with compliments that feel inauthentic or shallow. If you’re dating a love bomber but looking for a sincere person, visit GoMarry.com!





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