Dating a Married Woman: What Are The Rules

Dating a Married Woman: What Are The Rules

A relationship with a married woman is always risky and dangerous. You can still date a married woman but need to take more precautions so that your secret is not exposed.

Neither you nor the lady you are seeing wants to get hurt, so be careful with your actions and emotions.

Keeping your relationship private

Obviously, you have to keep this relationship private. Someone might just know her husband or sister and then tell them about the relationship.

Do not make social media posts or proclaim your relationship publicly. No one may know about your relationship – it is your secret to share.

Keep her privacy intact

Do not go to her house or workplace. This creates unnecessary attention. If you are married then she shouldn’t come to your place either.

Try to meet at a hotel or destination far from your local neighborhoods. Meet at different places and pay with cash so that you won’t be detected. Do not keep any receipts. Throw them away in a public dustbin.

Take care of the appearance

Shower after your meeting as your smells will have given off on each other.

Make sure you look presentable and as you always do. If you do something different then the people around you may become suspicious, especially if it starts to happen frequently.

Use Separate phone to communicate

Use a separate phone to communicate instead of her personal phone. Do not text on personal numbers and don’t use her usual email address. These things can be monitored or seen by others so getting a separate number and email is the safest option. Delete any communication afterward so that there is no trace of your relationships.

Guard your emotions

You need to keep your emotions in check. There is a large chance that this relationship will not be long term. Many women will break it off and return to their husbands. Don’t get too attached and be realistic about your expectations.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries at the start of the relationship is a good idea. You can decide together how far the relationship can go. Clearly identify what is acceptable and what may not happen. If the relationship is purely recreational, you should not have any feelings.

Gifting is a no-no

Do not give her gifts and do not accept any gifts from her. Exchanging gifts make the bond closer and it can be difficult to explain her new lingerie to her husband. You can always do an internet search on how to treat someone without gifting or visit for some more ideas.

Avoid developing feelings

If she starts to have feelings but you know the relationship won’t be anything more, then you should break it off. If you develop feelings then stay away from her. Your heart will be broken when you knew you never stood a chance.

Dating a married woman may be dangerous but it can be thrilling. A consensual relationship can benefit both of you. Stick to the rules and do not get too attached. Doing these things will make your relationship easier to maintain. If you don’t want to be in guilt, try to seek a life partner from

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