Can Role Play Spice up Married Life

Can Role-Play Spice up Married Life?

When you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time, things can start to become a bit stale and you can feel the passion starting to wane


One way in which many married couples add some extra spice into their relationship is to get creative with a little bit of role-play. Some people will be too shy or nervous about giving role-play a go, but it is proven to work and has helped many marriages to get back on track.

You had found your life partner at GoMarry and now if above mentioned is something that sounds all too familiar, then you are probably looking for some ways in which you can spice up your married life. So don’t be afraid to give role play a go. Just relax, be confident and know exactly how you want this to go down. You might not want it to become a daily routine or regular thing, so try it on special occasions such as:


  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Important Dates


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The possibilities really are endless when it comes to role play, so find a way that suits you best and gets that spice back into your married life. Before you simply dive right in, consider trying the following techniques.

Find Out What You Both Like

A great way for you both to get the most from role-play is to find something that you’re both going to like doing. Before going ahead with the whole role-play idea, sit down and talk to each other about the things you would like and the things you wouldn’t.


Make it fun and enjoyable, taking away the seriousness of the situation. Don’t be shy about what you like, as being open will make the experience so much better. Then, once you have come to an agreement on things, put it into action and see how much it will improve your marriage.


Start Small

Rather than just rushing into things and taking it straight into the bedroom, it is possible to actually do some role play out in public. Agree to meet at a coffee shop or a bar, with one of you waiting at the bar for the other to arrive and make a move.

In this situation, you both have to give yourselves characters to play. Consider the following:


  • Different names
  • Try different occupations
  • Go for different hobbies
  • Different families
  • Different everything


This is your chance to be that person that you have always dreamed of being. Stay and play the roles for a few hours, before then one of you invites the other to go back to their place. Here, you can take the role play to the next level … in the bedroom.

Alternatively, you can end this meeting with one of you having to leave, either agreeing to never meet again, using different characters on the next attempt or arranging for another meeting in the future. When you get home, you can talk over what worked and what didn’t, then try again.


Have Fun

The key to making role play work in a marriage is to have fun with it. It is fine to laugh and joke about what you are doing, but be careful not to make your partner feel silly, or it isn’t going to work.

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Keep it light.

Keep it simple.

Have fun.

Spice up your marriage.

You are going to see your married life becoming better than it has ever been before. Good luck!

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