What Is A Female Led Relationship?

What Is A Female-Led Relationship?

These days gender is widely recognized as fluid, leading more and more straight couples to adopt the lifestyle of a female-led relationship (FLR).



Before coming to the age of a female-led relationship. Traditionally in heterosexual relationships, gender roles have come to be associated with a dominant man and a submissive woman.

This old-fashioned perspective centers around the notion that the male should be the main breadwinner and authority within a couple dynamic. Whereas the woman should take care of the home and children.

In the past, if a woman were to have taken responsibility for the main decisions or direction of the partnership.  It people used to say “ she wears the pants”.

These days we widely recognize gender as fluid, leading more and more straight couples to adopt the lifestyle of a female- led relationship.


Women are taking the lead

Dating apps like Bumble have been specifically designed with a female-led relationship in mind. And they provide a platform where females are likely to make the first move or perhaps even ultimately propose.

Although as a society we have come leaps and bounds in terms of gender equality. There are still many social stigmas associated with female-led relationships.

Many men who actively participate in female led relationship, prefer to do so privately for fear of public judgment.

This is archaic in that as individual beings. Each of us has a specific set of preferences and personality traits.

There are millions of men who love to go with the flow and obey their wives every command. Likewise, there are millions of women who enjoy taking charge and being in control.

Female-led relationships range from mildly dominant to extremely dominant. Such relations are based entirely on the unique preferences within a given partnership.


Types of Female Led Relationships

Sometimes after spending several years in the dominant role within a relationship. The man might express interest in exploring the dynamics of a female led relationship.

In this case, he may approach his wife and ask her how she feels about giving it a go.

She might tentatively agree to lead in a few specific areas and this would be considered the mildest version of an FLR.

The next level of intensity would be when a woman actively enjoys the role of leading on a day to day basis. But at the same time, she still puts certain boundaries in place.

The intensity of a female-led relationship would be considered extreme when a man is completely submissive. He derives pleasure from acting in complete servitude to the woman.


Pros and Cons of a Female Led Relationship

Like any relationship, balance is key and this becomes even more prevalent in FLR when exploring non-traditional roles within a partnership.

The couple should be wary of potential power struggles. An overly dominant woman could begin to act abusively towards her man.

Likewise, the imbalance could cause the couple to take on an unhealthy parent/child tone.

On the other hand, female led relationships can provide a safe space for each partner to express the feminine and masculine elements of their personalities as they please.

When done correctly, this will deepen the bond of a couple and ignite the spark within any relationship. gomarry.com provides balanced relationships, you can try your luck.

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