Worst Nightmare

How to Know If it’s Just Infatuation or Love


When you first met your partner, you felt emotions so strong that you were sure that you are dreaming. The emotional roller coaster of infatuation, passion, and sparks has made it seem like you were living your personal fairy tale. You were wearing pink glasses of infatuation. What you considered your happily ever after turned out to be everything but a cliché romance. It hurt you as nothing has ever hurt you before. No one has betrayed you as strongly as the person you once considered your partner, your best friend, your soul mate. How can you recover from this? Is it possible to bounce back from a crash of these proportions? How can you get out of this worst nightmare?


First of all, it’s important to remember that it is never too late for love. No matter how hurt you got in the past or what kind of bad people you have dated, your past does not determine your future. Take your first steps towards your new happily-ever-after with GoMarry.com. When you sign up on our marriage-only matchmaking site, you open the doors to new love opportunities.


  1. Don’t Engage in Apocalyptic Thinking


Apocalyptic thinking is known as one of the cognitive biases humans often engage in. It’s the type of thinking where you interpret a single event as a huge catastrophe that will ruin the entire course of your life. When your illusion of a perfect relationship shatters, it’s fairly easy to slip into apocalyptic thinking. It’s very common to be overwhelmed with thoughts that you will never find anyone else. However, when you heal from the trauma and all the hurt, you will see that your so-called apocalypse was actually the most valuable learning experience.


  1. Process Your Emotions


So, your once perfect relationship has crashed, burned and it turned out to be a nightmare. Accept this. Breathe in, breathe out, and accept this as a fact. As soon as you accept that this is not a bad dream, but your new reality, the faster you can take the first steps to move on. When something cardinal like this happens, it’s very dangerous to bottle up your emotions. Make sure you express yourself and process your emotions in a healthy way. Cry as much as you have to. Avoid dating for a while. Whatever you do, just don’t pretend like nothing’s wrong and continue ignoring your negative emotions.


  1. Rely On Your Friends and Family


When your relationship turns out to be a nightmare, it’s important to turn to friends and family for support. These are the people who know you best. They love you and support you. Selfishly speaking, they are your quickest road towards recovery. Don’t run away and isolate yourself from the people who want to help you. It might feel more natural to be alone, but in the long run, socializing will be of great help. However bad you may feel, always try to reach out to our loved ones and socialize.

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