What is Meant by Healthy Relationship Fights

What is Meant by Healthy Relationship Fights

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Healthy relationship fights seem to be a necessary evil for relationships. They say that if a couple doesn’t fight, that’s when you need to worry.

It’s all well and good to exchange superficial pleasantries and to keep the conversation lighthearted. But if you hide your true feelings from your partner you will never truly know love at all. At GoMarry.com, we are here to help you find and experience real love that lasts a lifetime.

Relationships are about being vulnerable, and opening up your heart to another person so that they can help you to look after it. There is a difference between dumping your emotions on someone unnecessarily versus expressing feelings in a way that is sensitive and mature. All too often we begin to identify with certain feelings or viewpoints. And the very thought of being wrong is enough to crumble our courage into dust.

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Why Disagreement is Good for a Relationship

You need to feel that your partner is confront able, and they need to feel the same about you. Make a point to encourage a relationship that includes the space for discussions about different viewpoints. If disagreement ends up on a healthy relationship fight, it’s not a big deal. In learning to understand one another. You will grow closer and be able to navigate through potential problems. This creates a deep sense of trust and intimacy. Relationship experts say that healthy relationship fights are helpful to reignite the spark in life.

On the other hand, if you can’t discuss a problem then there’s no way you will find a solution, let alone a compromise. It is to be expected that when two individuals come together, there will be different perspectives and feelings involved. To successfully negotiate a disagreement, you need to be able to do some serious self-reflection and occasionally admit that you are wrong.


Healthy Disagreement Strategies

I don’t know about you, but in my life, I have found that a person’s tone can make the world of difference. Passive aggressive people tend to express their truth with their tone or body language, as opposed to a direct and open conversation. You will notice when somebody does this, your natural reaction is to get defensive.

However, when dealing with someone who is so out of touch with their emotions, it is better to take the higher ground. Learn to control your emotions and respond to the attack in an even, slightly upbeat tone. Taking care that your tone and body language are not aggressive can be the key difference between a disagreement and a fight.

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Ask them why they have said what they said, and allow them to respond. If their answer does not make sense, you can say so. Be careful to use “I” statements when you express yourself and don’t take anything they say personally.

It is possible to turn a fight around from an unconstructive mess, to an enlightening mutual understanding. It just takes practice. It is also okay to walk away if you feel you are about to lose your cool, as long as you explain yourself and preferably remain in the vicinity. You can take some time to calm down and then continue with the discussion when you are more clear-headed.

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