What is the Difference Between Celibacy & Abstinence?

What is the Difference Between Celibacy & Abstinence?

You’ve heard the terms ‘celibacy’ and ‘abstinence’ used in modern times. These two words are sometimes used interchangeably and refer to acts of sexual nature


If you have no idea what they mean, I will explain it to you in the following lines.



Sexual abstinence is an active choice made by an individual to refrain from any sexual acts for a certain amount of time. Usually refraining from sex before marriage, in order to save oneself for marriage.

Staying abstinent before marriage can be extremely rewarding. Keeping your innocence and saving it for someone special is a really rare thing, especially in modern times.

Having sex with someone who you commit to and who you build a family with is unique in its own way.

Singles all over the world are saving themselves for marriage. Virginity should be seen as something special and sacred and shouldn’t be given away freely, to anyone, without thought.



Sexual celibacy is an active choice. It bars an individual to marry and to live a single life without commitment and without any sexual relations.

It’s usually a vow taken within a religious belief. But some individuals don’t have any desire to have sex or to be in a relationship. Thus they stay celibate for the remainder of their lives.

Being celibate can be rewarding in its own way. But it takes away the opportunity to fall in love and to share your life with someone you love.

Meeting someone that ticks all the boxes on your partner list is life changing. Having a companion who you can be intimate with and can share beautiful moments with is fantastic.


Dating Apps

Dating Apps are giving everyone the idea that having casual sex is something that should be part of your existence. But the bad consequence of engaging in sexual acts with a lot of different partners is that you give a piece of yourself to all those different partners. This will leave you empty and feeling emotionally barren.

Being intimate with someone you are getting married to is much more special and fulfilling. You can also be more expressive and confident when engaging in sex with someone you are marrying.

GoMarry.com encourages healthy sexual relationships within marriage.

This Marriage only Matchmaking platform introduces you to other single and like-minded individuals that also cherish the sanctity of marriage and virginity.

If you decide to remain abstinent until you meet the man or woman of your dreams. Well!  it is a choice that you won’t regret. Giving something as special as your virginity to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, is an extremely special gift.

Waiting for the right moment as well as waiting until you feel ready to be intimate with your partner should be completely your choice.

Whether you choose to be abstinent or celibate you should do what feels right for you.

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