what makes you feel trapped in relationship

What Does it Mean to Feel Trapped in a Relationship?

 It sounds a little weird to feel trapped in a relationship. There seem no reason at all to be glued to someone whom you don’t like or someone who is not willing to give you free space


I’ve heard people refer to their partners as their ‘old ball and chain.’ I’ve also seen men write on the bottom of their shoes, on their wedding day, ‘help me.’ And even though this has a humorous connotation, it gives others a twisted idea of what a relationship should be.


Looking at your relationship as something that will trap and keep you from being free is a bad space to be in. GoMarry.com will introduce you to your dream partner. Being in a Marriage only Relationship gives you the security of not being controlling over someone else.

Partners tend to trap the other when they feel insecure in their relationships. If you trust your partner by knowing that they are committed to you will help you feel freer.  Someone who will commit to you without making you feel like you are in a prison.

If circumstances have forced you to feel trapped in a trapped relationship.

Here are some tell-tale signs, which should pop up like red flags.


You Cant Go Anywhere Without Their Permission

If you want to go shopping, or play golf. You have to ask for permission. Asking for permission to do something has you also feeling anxious.

You find yourself not asking your partner, but rather go behind their back. Or to keep the peace, you resort to staying at home.

This is a horrible sign of control which will make you feel trapped in a relationship. There’s a difference between doing things as a couple, but it’s important that your partner gives you the freedom to go places you want to.


You Have Lost Passion for The Things That Make You Happy

Your partner is definitely not supporting any of your hobbies and interests. And because of this, you have stopped doing things that make you happy.

You use to do these things every day. It used to give you energy and made you feel great. But you feel placid and don’t want to them anymore.


You Cant Remember the Last Time You Went Out with Your Friends or Family

Once your partner starts trapping you inside the house. And he or she even gets angry whenever you want to visit your friends or family.

You should start running for the hills. If a partner isolates you from the outside world it’s a big red flag of entrapment. Don’t stay haunted and feel trapped in a relationship, You should rather talk or quit.


You Are Constantly Tired

It’s a scientific fact that we feel energized when we are happy. This is due to the fact that endorphins run through our veins whenever we do something fun.

If you feel drained, especially emotionally, within your relationship, it could be that you are feeling trapped in a relationship.

You need to feel free and expressive to be able to give your partner the best side of you.


Make sure you manage your relationship in such a way that you don’t feel trapped. Read this article – https://articles.gomarry.com/subtle-controlling-behavior/ to spot any other controlling behavior within your partner and work your way out accordingly

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