What Men Want From Women That Doesn’t Include Sex


I spoke to a male friend of mine who was frustrated. He said he was tired of being told by women that all men want is sex. He felt that women were not understood what men want. Luckily, has the answers on what men want from women.


Why Women Feel Men Only Want Sex

This is a complex question to ask. Simplified, men express emotion through physical touch. Men are visual creatures. They react to what they see both negative and positive. Women will often say men just don’t listen. Those same women will also say men see everything. When a man develops feelings for a woman, it is based on what he sees first. Only after that is it what he hears. Once he is attracted to a woman he wants to express his feelings through touch. On the negative side, When men fight they throw punches. When women fight they use words. It is biological and cannot be disputed. So it would only be rational that a woman would think a man wants sex when he has an emotional response. He feels something for you so he wants to touch you.


Do They Really Want Sex

Yes and no. Sex is a pleasurable act and it would be naive to say that men do not want sex. But the fact remains that sex is not the first thing he wants and it is not the only thing he wants. Many men are prepared to wait months, even years to have sex for the right woman. IF there is other emotional, physical touch. This can be holding hands, kissing or cuddling but he will want to be touched.


So What Do Men Want

He wants to share his dreams with you. On some level, we all want to be acknowledged and encouraged. Men want someone who believes in their dreams and helps them to achieve those dreams. He wants to be attracted to you. We all go through phases in our looks. We may gain weight but looking good and presenting yourself well is important. Nobody wants to drive a Ferrari only to drive down the road and see it is a Toyota. Take pride in yourself and dress up for your man. Be the sexy confident woman he saw when he met you.

Someone to listen to him. Men want to feel important and they want to know they are needed. Be there to listen to his day and let him communicate openly about his feelings. Most men love to know they are actually needed. We don’t care if you can open that jar, give it to him and let him do it. Have dreams and ambitions of your own. Every man finds a sexy, intelligent woman with ambition and a goal irresistible. Supporting his dreams doesn’t mean giving up your own.

Do He Really Having Fun

He wants someone to have fun with. Sharing interests and participating in each other’s activities is a great way to bond and helps you find common ground. Having fun together outside of the stress of normal life is essential. And finally, he wants a woman he can have great sex with. Not just sex but great sex. When he feels important and confident enough in his feelings. And with you being confident and sexy regular sex becomes great sex. Becoming a master of all of the things above will mean you can fulfill his last requirement of great sex for both of you. All other answers can be found on

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