How To Spot A True Love

How To Spot A True Love: Important Signs

In my opinion, there are no such things as true or false love but a stable or unstable one. If there is something like a true love we’ll love only once in our lifetime


True love can really last forever. It’s unconditional and doesn’t follow mediocre standards. It’s like a friendship, mother-kids love, father-kids love and it can be so deep that two persons really become one.

However, unfortunately, not all of us are able to differ between a passerby and true love, which leaves us hurt and vulnerable in the end.

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If however infatuation doesn’t blind your mind in the beginning, because if it does you will feel no need for such articles and thus fall prey to infatuation, you will recognize the difference between the two.





Even when alone, you never feel lonely because you know he is there and will be there for you whatever happens.

He worships you like a goddess and he knows how to show it! Rarely is shy when it comes to showing affection.



We are all complex and tend to go out of our own way. We all need some extra troubleshooting. The point is to understand and appreciate these signs of “malfunction” even when you don’t agree with them. True love means dealing with problems effectively and working on solutions day by day.

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No matter what you do, True love will find a way to forgive you from the bottom of his heart. He will never stay angry at you forever.

Dealing with issues in a timely manner and in a kind way is one of the crucial signs of true love. It’s an act of showing how pure he is and his kindness will even shock you and make you admit your fouls sincerely without that feeling of being accused and manipulated.



Love implies honesty as the best policy and shortcut to happiness. It means that he will tell you when some of you two are wrong. He will not be scared to speak up and he will mean well to you.



He will be happy when you are happy and vice versa no matter what and who you are happy with. It doesn’t have to be him. Your happiness is his happiness also. He will help you in pursuing your dreams. This unselfish view of happiness is also a very important sign that your love is true.

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Pain Empathy

He will feel pain when you are hurt and vice versa. There’s nothing worse than seeing ones you love in pain, deep depression or tears. True love will try to comfort you and cheer you up as hard as he is able leaving nothing to chance especially if you can’t do anything about it.


There are numerous opportunities to find and keep real love these days. One of them is No more dating in vain, with false profiles and numerous questions you have to answer only to find out that he is fake.

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