What It Means When a Guy Kisses Your Neck

What It Means When a Guy Kisses Your Neck

You’ve met up a few times and he kisses your neck. Kisses neck means you have found a guy who is romantic and who knows how to value you.

He didn’t kiss you on the mouth or the forehead, he kissed you on your neck. It shows he is the guy of your dreams, whether it was through GoMarry.com’s online matchmaking site or you were lucky enough to meet them at a random location.

If you are in conflict and you still not sure what kissing your neck means? You are wondering whether it is only a friendly gesture or it is something really romantic? Here are the answers that will settle the mystery for you.

Kissing on the neck is a sign of sexual chemistry

A guy who kisses you on the neck is doing so because he is very interested in you. He finds you extremely attractive and he is definitely feeling the sexual chemistry. Plainly put – he really wants to get it on. And kissing you on the neck is his way of trying to arouse you.

Kissing on the neck is a kind of test to know the comfort level

A kiss on the forehead shows that he cares about you. A kiss on the mouth means he really likes you and wants to get to know you better. But a kiss on the neck means he wants to test you to see whether you want to get it on with him as well. It also shows his comfort level in the relationship.

What does kissing him back on his neck mean?

If you reciprocate with a kiss on his neck, you are actually saying that you really like him physically as well and you’d like to get it on as well.

Even though this is a great sign if you’re into this guy. You need to consider whether this guy wants something short or long term. I strongly believe that a man who met you through our Marriage only Matchmaking site will kiss you in the neck because he wants to be gentle and he wants to be intimate with you because he knows you will be his wife.

But be careful about the guy who is only looking for a one-night stand or a quick hookup. If you’ve met him in a random location and you don’t know what his true intentions are, you shouldn’t take it any further with him.

If a guy can not commit to you on a deep level, you shouldn’t make it too easy for him.  Giving yourself away to someone you barely know without the security of lifelong commitment can only backfire and hurt you in the end.

Being intimate is part of a healthy relationship. But being intimate should reflect the strong love and commitment between a couple. Having the security of a Marriage only Relationship will let you avoid being the victim of a man’s lustful intentions. It will give you the opportunity to be in a kind and sensual intimate relationship with your husband.

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