Reasons why we Fib?

Reasons Why We Tell Fibs In Relationship

Anybody who says that they have never lied to their partner is lying. It’s not because you’re doing something wrong or that you’re trying to hurt your partner, it is actually the opposite. You lie when you feel that you need to protect them … most of the time


Of course, there are some people who actually do things very wrong, so they fib to protect themselves, but I’m pretty sure that you are not one of these people, right? You have lied because you don’t want your partner to worry, surely.


So what are the things people lie about in a relationship?



Whether you have a lot of money or very little money at all, there is no denying that money is one of the biggest issues in relationships. This makes it one of the things that people fib about the most in their relationship.


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When you have very little money and you are worried about your finances, you don’t tell your partner because you don’t want them to worry too. So, instead, you tell a fib to make them feel more secure.



Some people lie to their partner in order to protect themselves or someone they love. If your partner asks you a question about a friend or family member, which you are not in a position to tell them, then you fib to protect that person.

There are also those who lie to protect themselves. If you are going to a place that you know your partner will not approve of, some people will lie and say they are doing something else. This is to protect you but also to spare their feelings too.



Everyone has a family member who can be quite embarrassing, which is why some people decided to lie about them. Rather than telling your partner about your embarrassing family, you lie to make them seem more exciting and fun.

Then there are those who have family members who have treated them bad or have left them. They try to make things sound better than they were or they are, by lying about how good things have been. It’s a shame and it’s sad, but it happens.



Of course, this is probably the major lying point of all. If you have been cheating on your partner, then you are going to lie about it. You will claim that this is to protect your partner but you are only really doing it for yourself. It is very selfish.

People who fib and cheat don’t deserve to be in relationships, as they are incapable of making them work. While we do all tell a fib from time to time, the truth is that we shouldn’t. In order to have a happy and long-lasting relationship, you need to be open and honest about everything.

You might think that you are protecting your partner and sharing their feelings, but at the end of the day, it is just going to make things worse. The truth will always come out. Visit GoMarry and find a loyal person who will never ever try to tell a fib and play around.

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