This is What it Means When Your Date Is Rude To Waiters


The way you treat your waiter/server speaks volumes about your ego, ethics, values, and system of beliefs. Can you tell me about any person who was rude to waiters turn out to be a great future partner? He will never be a good person. However, the issue is that we sometimes go to such dates with a rude person.  In fact, the way you treat your staff reflects your personality traits. And you know what, most of the time it determines the success of your night out with your date. In a dating scenario, it is a clear red flag. You must avoid such a person.

What does it mean?

Imagine if you’re in love with a handsome, tall, educated and well-settled guy. He has a great job, is marriage minded and has been very sweet and caring to you.

But he has been rude to a waiter or waitress who served you. He is rude to waiter/waitress by either snapping his fingers or dismissing the waiter with a wave of his hand, rolling his eyes, cuts them off or asks them to speak faster or get to the point.

What if your guy does not give respect to the waiter?

If your fabulous guy doesn’t view this waiter as worthy of respect and dignity, you must leave him immediately. He got a chance to flash his feathers, like a peacock in front of poor waiter and he did so. Using his false sense of machismo, he may be trying to impress you. But this is not acceptable at any cost. He is disrespecting a person who is serving him to earn a livelihood and survive in this world. He thinks he is superior to others, but in reality, he is not. That guy who loves to you lacks respect for anyone with a low paying job. In the future, he will not respect you because he doesn’t know the true meaning of respect.

Decency and politeness

Decency and politeness are the basic traits you must look when you’re going to date an individual. It is a clear red flag. Today, if he is giving a little or no respect to the waiter, he will do the same thing with you. If you’re facing such a situation, you must try to diffuse it by saying, ‘I’m sorry’, to the waiter.   However, the real thing is that you must quit your relationship immediately. Never give a second chance to a person who misuses his power or status.

Why do people get rude?

You know why people get rude to waiters on a date. They want to show their dominance, power, and strength. They want to show you how emphasizing and strong their personalities are. And they’re indicating that they want submissiveness from you in the future. They pose that they are special and entitled to all types of relaxations, luxuries, and demands in a relationship. They are suffering from a superiority complex. Never go with them next time. Don’t text or call them. Don’t answer their text or calls. Delete their number. You’ll be happy you did.  If you’re looking for a guy kind to waiters, join to find your partner.

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