Why do People Get Infatuated

At some stage, we have all experienced the feeling of being infatuated with someone. Whether they know it or not. We have all come to a point that we feel we can’t stop thinking about someone and they just don’t seem to be leaving our thoughts.


Imagine this, you see someone on the bus, you are sitting two rows from each other. Every now and then your eyes meet, and you share a smile. When you reach your stop you accidentally bump into each other and you strike up a conversation. At this moment you are experiencing something new, something exhilarating, and you just want this moment to last. You go home and all you can seem to think about is this moment you just shared with this person. Every time you think about it you get a tingling sensation in your stomach and you can’t think straight. That is infatuation and it is a common experience to go through.


The gland in your brain that is responsible for releasing dopamine goes nuts when you see or think about your love interest. This causes the brain to be flooded with dopamine. This dopamine release feels so good that it can easily cause an individual to mistake infatuation for love. At this point, I must clearly state that it is important to understand that infatuation is not loved. Though it can lead to love, infatuation in itself is not loved. People have done crazy stuff in the name of infatuation and only later realized that it never loved but rather just a temporary emotion of infatuation.


Infatuation is necessary for a relationship because it gets the ball rolling. It gets two people to explore this new energy that is drawing them towards each other, and it is exhilarating. A healthy relationship has its fair amount of infatuation, but one cannot build a relationship on infatuation alone. The commitment must follow infatuation to create a lasting relationship.


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