Why is Finding Love So Hard


Have you ever asked yourself, “why am I still single?” We all have this longing to be loved and return those feelings towards someone. One of the most frustrating things we can experience is when we struggle to find love. When you look around you can see people in love all around you, but why do you struggle to find love?


Even when you feel more ready than ever for love, we subconsciously encounter stumbling blocks that prohibit us from experiencing that head over heels love. There are three common factors that act as hurdles to finding love. The first of these three is the fear of commitment. You might find that putting a label on something can be terrifying and that prohibits you from giving your 100% in the quest of finding love.


The next hurdle that can prevent you from finding true love is the fact that you may feel your fear for love due to the failed relationships of the past. One time or another we all experience heartbreak or a failed relationship. You may be struggling to find love because you subconsciously think about your failed relationships and that keeps you from entering new relationships and finding love.


The last hurdle can be due to our busy schedules. Starting a relationship requires time and effort. In different stages of our lives, we choose to spend time and energy on different things that we feel is important like, school, career or being financially stable before entering a relationship. You must spend time and effort on a relationship and the idea that love will just happen only happens in movies.


Being in touch with your emotions can be key in overcoming the hurdles that keep you from finding love. Patience is key because love is out there, and it is meant for everyone. Be patient and love will happen for you


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