Widowhood and Dating


One of the greatest pleasures in life is finding that one person you love with all you are, a love that goes deeper than exterior beauty. A person with who’s the soul you fall in love with. Someone you can see yourself starting a family with and growing old together. Unfortunately, life happens and somewhere during this relationship we sometimes must face the challenge of losing our loved one through no fault of our own. Losing a partner to death is one of the most challenging encounters a person can possibly face in their lifetime.


This is what makes widowhood and dating so difficult. Time and energy are invested in trying to build a new connection with someone and this is difficult enough. Now throw in a broken heart and believing love can happen again can be a very daunting task.


I always remember the words a very wise person I know told me, “the number one rule of embarking into a new relationship is: you should wait until you feel that you are ready.” There is no one else who can tell you what and how you are feeling. So being in touch with your own emotions is the only way to know if you are ready. But the good news is that it is possible to date and love again with the same intensity as before.


Once you do feel ready, you can start to open yourself for getting back in the dating game and finding love. You will again experience the sensation of butterflies circling in your stomach and the nervous sensation before a first date. This is what makes it worth it to date again.


You will also know what real love feels like and will be able to spot it in a new relationship. You have the luxury of knowing exactly what you are looking in a relationship and can make smart choices from the start.


Having a Marriage Only Relationship gives you the opportunity to experience happiness. Life happens and we lose loved ones but, that does not mean that we should give up on love. New love is just one connection away. GoMarry.com provides you the opportunity to meet someone with whom you can start a new journey of love. Meet someone that understands your past and shares your vision for the future.


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