Without Appearing Overeager

How to Tell Your Interest Without Appearing Overeager

A woman can give a signal without appearing overeager. But Traditionally, it’s common that the man approaches first, expresses interest and engages in seducing the woman

But, what if you’re a woman and you like a guy – should you just sit and wait for him to approach you?

No. In order to spark his passion, you need to show him that you are interested in.

Ask any guy and he will say: women are complicated. But, when you ask women, it’s not like they have it any easier.

On the other hand, there’s also a second obstacle to simply approaching the man of your dreams. You don’t want to lay all your cards on the table and it can make you seem overeager. This is a big turn-off for guys, who are natural hunters and like to feel like they have to try to win you over.

So, how can you find the perfect balance between these two actions?

  1. Give Hints and Then Let Him Take the Lead

Just like we said, the majority of men prefer to take the lead when it comes to flirting, seduction, and dating. There’s nothing wrong with hinting that you’re interested in a guy. You can give him some signs in order for him to approach you. But let him do the rest after you hook him. This way, you will not seem overeager, but simply a woman who got what she wanted in a blink of an eye.

  1. Be Cool and Confident

You will easily appear overeager if you show that you’re insecure, smitten and that you would do anything to get your guy. However, if you act laid-back and cool, it will seem like you’re a strong, confident woman who has absolutely no problem approaching a guy. When a woman oozes confidence, most guys prefer to see that she has the courage to express interest first.

  1. Know When to Back Out

Even though getting rejected hurts a lot, there’s no shame in knowing when to quit. If you clearly expressed interest in a guy and he simply does not reciprocate, it’s time to back out. Continuing to pursue dating him after you’ve been given a red light will definitely make you seem overeager.

  1. Approach Him in A Friendly Manner

Some guys are intimidated by women who approach men by flirting and obviously expressing interest. So, if you want to subtly hint that you’re interested in spending more time with him, the best and easiest way is to start hanging out with him as friends, if possible. If there is a mutual spark, the relationship will quickly evolve into a romantic one. This is the quickest way to go from strangers to lovers without trying too hard.

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