Split Up With Your Girlfriend

How and When to Split Up With Your Girlfriend

This is a broad theme and it depends on many factors such as : Duration of a relationship, and Reasons for breaking up, etc


Whatever a reason for split up, don’t go out to a bar to drown your sorrows. You will not handle your problems by drinking your favorite drinks. It will be helpful that very night, but tomorrow you will have to face a reality.

Your spilt up with your girlfriend would make you ponder, How much you have loved her and how much you have invested in the relationship.

There are things you should and shouldn’t do after splitting up.

Never stay ‘friends’ with your ex.

It’s an awful and totally impractical idea. Hanging around with your ex can bring back memories of you too being the happiest couple in the world.  You will only dwell in the past not giving yourself a chance to recover from the breakup.

The agony of it can become even more relentless. If you really want to heal tell your ex that you should stop seeing each other for some time.

Nothing is ok, so don’ pretend it is

Embrace the reality just the way it is.


Don’t buy the crap “change environment”

A lot of the split up advice for men focuses on how to move on from a break-up and change the complete environment just because of one person. It’s complete nonsense if you ask me. You may go to the other part of the world it’s your heart and mind where all memories are stored and sealed.


My advice is- cry it all out and find another girl

It doesn’t mean that you have to break her heart just because yours is broken. What it means is don’t dwell on the past since you will get only worse. It’s okay to confide in your best friends but once not for a thousand times. Every time you dig out your past you will bury yourself. You’ll eventually become your past, self-pitying yourself as if you were dead.


Stay active & smart but it’s no cure for a heartache

The others say you should move on from a break-up is to stay active and exercise. Okay. Your heart is just broken. Do you mind running a mile? Biking? Hiking? Or weight lifting? Of course, you don’t.

For God’s sake who is that deal man? I would really like to meet him. You can release that bloody endorphin (which puts a smile on your face) by talking to your friends, drinking tea or a bear (the first night only) or by meditating which is much easier than weight-lifting!

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Try some simple tips to remain calm after split up.

  • I was always awestruck by such thinking which implies- do something 100 times harder in order to overcome something that’s less hard. I hope these preachers really do what they preach.


  • When dealing with break up it’s critical to get your confidence back and find ways to fulfill your free time since you’ve got it far more than before.


  • How will you boost your confidence? Again by dating another girl. You will have to do all the stuff you usually do before a date. You will look better and feel better instantly.


  • If you want to be and stay as positive as you can and get over a split up don’t break up connections with everyone around you. Go out and meet new people if you are skeptical about online dating. After all, you don’t need to find a new girlfriend, you may find just a new friend and exchange your experiences with him or her.

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  • Lastly, use the principle “Fake it till you make it” to get over an ex-girlfriend. By acting in this way you will internally feel and believe that you are over your ex-girlfriend. You’ll be able to move on from the relationship much faster. So, by following all these bits of advice accept the change and move on.

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