Women Tell Me there’s No Chemistry.

Chemistry isn’t something that magically appears between two people. When two people have undeniable chemistry it’s because they are doing things that are irresistible to the other. It’s something that can easily be created by doing and saying the right kind of things.

When women are saying that they don’t feel the chemistry from you, you should up your game and try doing a few of the following things to draw them in.

  1. Confidence

Creating chemistry starts with confidence. No woman likes a man who looks like he doesn’t even like himself. A man who is needy and jumps around doing childish things to attract attention creates the least bit of chemistry. Be confident in your appearance and in your personality. If you don’t really feel confident, Fake it ‘till you make it! Pretend to be extremely relaxed, cool and confident and you’ll later adapt into it easier.

  1. Approach

Men, who want to create chemistry, should look a woman right in the eye and approach them. Keep eye contact while you walk towards her. The tension of you looking at her while you are coming closer and closer will create crazy sparks.

  1. Connect

Make a connection with her. Find something that you both find extremely interesting. Then say, ‘Oh, me too!’ or “I can’t believe that you also think like that, I thought I was the only one!” Saying things like this will establish a special and unique bond. She will feel understood and connected to you in a different way. Making it feel like you are the only one who will understand her complex mind.

  1. Play

Women love being flirted and teased with. Pretend to kiss her on the lips but then only lightly graze her cheek. Touch her hand softly without actually holding it. Keep your gaze while you brush a strand of hair from her face. The suspense will kill her, creating insane chemistry and lightning shocks!

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