you can't overcome your weakness

How to be Strong and Overcome Your Weakness For Him

You are strong yet you can’t overcome your weakness when it comes to missing him. Although it feels like you love him more than you’ve ever loved anyone, deep down inside you know he is not the one


You are aware that you’re caught up in the definition of a toxic relationship. Even then for some reason when he shows up at your door, you just can’t turn him away.

Most of the time you spend together as a couple is sprinkled with heated arguments and silence. While the good times have become increasingly rare.

There is something addictive about the push and pull of the dynamic that makes you crave his attention and desire.

When he is good to you it seems to validate every fiber of your being – assuring you that you are lovable after all the doubt caused by the bad times.

You feel like you are dating two people, the good twin, and the bad twin, but you only want to be with the good one. Though you are strong yet can’t overcome your weakness for him.

On and off relationships are usually off relationships that people are trying to keep on.


Why Do I Stay?

Sometimes even the strongest people find themselves trapped in the cycle of a toxic relationship.

Even though we know we should just walk away and move on. There is a magnetic pull that keeps us trapped in the grip of an unhealthy situation.

Hope can be cruel in the context of toxic love. You may believe that your partner will change. So, you keep you holding on to a situation that has long passed its sell-by date.

You might also believe like I did, that you should be capable of unconditional love in any situation. The problem with unconditional love is that this concept doesn’t take boundaries into account. The boundaries that are an absolute mandatory for a successful relationship.

Sometimes dating a toxic person can break down your self-esteem. It breaks you to the point where you feel you deserve to be treated badly, but that isn’t true.

You deserve to be treated with respect and to experience true love which (in case you’ve forgotten) is a safe and happy place. Just don’t go with the feeling that you are strong but can’t overcome your weakness for him.


How To Move On?

One of the most difficult decisions you will ever make in life is whether to walk away or to try harder.

We have been taught the value of perseverance, yet in some cases, it is better to admit that the circumstances are beyond our control.

The consequences of staying in a toxic relationship can have an effect on your career. Your other relationships, and most importantly your mental health is also suffered.

The best way to move on is by reflecting on all the reasons why this man isn’t good for you.

Make a list of why he isn’t right for you and read it every single day, as many times as you need.

This will help bring your true thoughts and feelings to the surface and restore your self-esteem, which will help you to regain perspective so that you can break up with him.

Instead of staying glued to your primitive notion that you are strong but can’t overcome your weakness, just quit. Move on and give someone else a chance to prove his love for you and just log on to




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