You Make it Easy for Me to Love You

It’s easy to fall in love with someone that makes it easy to be loved. But what is the secret to making it easy for someone to fall in love with you? How can you be the perfect person to win someone’s undevoted attention and love?

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You have to make it easy for someone to love you and here is how-

  1. Be you

The worst thing you could do is to not be yourself. Ask all the questions you want and answer honestly. Potential marriage material can smell a lie a mile away. If you want to be part of a successful marriage you need to be honest, about everything!

If you don’t like pumpkin, don’t pretend that you do just because it’s the other person’s favorite food. Opposites attract and sometimes, being different can be more alluring than someone agreeing to everything you’re saying.

  1. Be mysterious

Share information about yourself, but avoid oversharing! No one wants to know what your bowel movement looked like this morning, or how you waxed your whole body before meeting them. Leave some details out of the equation. Especially when it comes to personal grooming and hygiene.

  1. Love and respect them

It’s so easy to love someone who is kind-hearted and caring. When you show that you care and have a good heart people will automatically love you – it’s just basic human nature.

  1. Open up and be available

Don’t shut down! If you’re emotionally available, meaning that you are ready to let someone love you and to love them back unconditionally, someone will find it difficult to love you! Open up about traumatic things that have happened to you and voice your fears about being hurt. Opening up and sharing emotional pain, without hammering on about it and wanting sympathy, can let someone associate with you and feel more comfortable in your presence.

  1. Don’t be high maintenance

No one likes going out with someone who acts like a grown-up brat! Be easy-going and fun-loving. If you roll your eyes to anything that they’re saying or refuse to eat something that they order because you have high standards, you’re going to make it difficult for someone to love you.

Before you know it, someone will say “You make it easy for me to love you!”

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