You Shouldn’t Waste Your Life Waiting for Him to Change

You Shouldn’t Waste Your Life Waiting for Him to Change

Do you honestly think he is going to change? Well, you wouldn’t be looking for answers on the internet if you really did believe that he would

Here are a few reasons that show you he won’t change, ever, no matter how hard you try.

  1. He keeps on breaking promises

You have been wanting him to change, you’ve heard the same promises about a million times. And no matter how many times he promises something, whether it’s something that he promises to do or something that he promises to change. He never seems to stick to his words and he always ends up breaking his promises

Empty promises won’t ever be followed

The truth is, promises are much easier made than followed. And a man who makes constant hollow promises is probably doing it so that you can stop nagging and complaining or because he doesn’t want to fight about the same things. He makes a promise not because he knows he is going to keep it, but because he knows that’s the only way in which he can get you of his back.

  1. He lies

He is constantly telling lies. you have been wanting him to change but he keeps on telling lies.  Big ones and small ones. It’s like he can never stop! You should ask yourself the following question: Why is he telling you lies? Is it because he has something to hide? Or is it because you flip your top every time that he tells you the truth? Are you very sensitive to things he does and says?

He will keep on lying to you to try and keep you happy instead of just changing his behavior.

  1. He makes the same mistakes over and over again

You’ve asked him about a hundred times to stop flirting with other girls or to text his ex. But it’s like he doesn’t care about your feelings and he keeps on doing it anyway. Why? It’s like he really doesn’t care if he loses you or hurt you by doing the same things over and over again. He will keep on doing this, out of choice!

It’s a proven fact that people can’t change, Yes, people can grow and adapt. And some men can change, but they only change if they really, really love a woman. A man will change for a woman that they feel it’s necessary to change for. They work very hard on their problem areas and try to be a better man, but only for a woman, they want to desperately be with.

Stop wasting your time on a man that won’t change for you, because he really isn’t interested in you! Find a man that wants to be with you and wants to change into the best version of himself on Sign up today to find a man who is worth your time and stop waiting for someone who just won’t!!

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