Psychological Roots of Promiscuity – Interesting Facts

Promiscuous is equally popular among men and women. It is necessary to develop a concise understanding of promiscuity before going further in its psychological roots. The expression of Promiscuous is recognized as the person, who was engaged sexually with different partners.


One of the significant reasons for determining the psychological reason behind promiscuity is getting the attention of different people. People suffering from low self-esteem are among the people turning to sexual activities for getting other people’s attention towards them.


Engaging in multiple sexual activities with different partners often brings satisfaction and high self-esteem to these people. However, if you have actively participated in healthy activities in different institutions, it can help gain a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence.


There is a great number of girls involved in promiscuity to get the attention of others and satisfy their needs from companionship. The lack of established value and focused attention in their childhood could be the basic reason for their involvement in promiscuity.


The lack of parental engagement is a significant reason in the prevalence of promiscuity among the young generation. In most of the situations, the absence of parental guidance initiates their involvement in different sexual activities.


These young adults continue their interest in promiscuity and try to be known for promiscuity. However, the prevalence of promiscuity among people in relationships is increasing because they do not get sexual satisfaction from their partners. They have disturbed emotional connectivity with their partners. When these couples get involved in different sexual activities, they show unfaithfulness towards their partner.


The primary roots of promiscuity lie in not having the established values and standards. When you choose to deceive your partner for getting sexual satisfaction from others, you set yourself on a self-destructive road. You will lose your worth in your eyes eventually. There is a great possibility of getting affected by different sexually transmitted diseases as well.


If your partner is not helping you achieve a good orgasm, you guys can sit together and work a way out. People staying glued to such partnerships and having sex with others, ruin a happy and profound relationship for an unethical instant gratification of their needs. Some of the other causes of promiscuity could be the leading factors of depression, stress, and anxiety among men and women.


The lack of support and appreciation trigger people for taking the step towards promiscuity in their relationships. However, the disagreements between couples often keep them from away from enjoying healthy sexual activity with their partner. In addition, anger, inability to connect with your partner can directly influence the sexual activity of your partner. People consider promiscuity as a way of dealing with their frustration from the relationship.


A healthy relationship should include effective communication, sexual intimacy, and built-in trust to preserve the essence of your relationship.

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