100 Percent Free Dating Sites – Look No Further!

First, I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with dating itself then I’m gonna tell you what is wrong with absolutely free dating websites.

First of all, dating itself is cheap and nasty and it wastes a lot of time. You often end up in meaningless, short-term hookups, relationships, one night stands etc. And over time, that literally drains the humanity out of you. It leaves you as nothing but a former shell of you.

There are free online dating websites, and because they’re absolutely free, they’re full of scammers, they’re full of incomplete profiles, they’re full of people that are not willing to invest anything and you’ll just be wasting your time.

If you’re looking for something long-term, maybe you want to be somebody’s husband, wife, then you need Gomarry.com – the world’s first-ever ‘Marriage Only Matchmaking’ website. It takes away all the guesswork, it gives you a better alternative to dating which I will mention in a moment. And everybody on this website is of a similar mindset, they want to be in long-term relationships, they want to settle down, they want to get married and they want to start a family.

Now coming back to the alternative to dating, as the founder of GoMarry.com, I encourage all of our users to ditch dating and go for ‘Marriage Meetings’ – a much more formal way of dating.

Let me go into a bit details, when we’re dating, we’re there to woo the other person, we’re dolled up, we’re at a fancy place. And seldom are we actually our true selves. So, what happens? you’re giving misinformation, they’re giving misinformation, and you never ask all the tough questions, all the questions that actually matter to you. Because you’re scared, the person is not going to like you or they’re going to think that you’re weird or something and they’re going to dump you. And then you have to start all over again.

‘Marriage Meetings’ is essentially a question-asking session. There are not two of you like conventional dating, there are four of you instead. There’s an extra representative, a chaperone there. It could be a friend, a colleague, a boss, aunt and uncle. Somebody there who looks out for you and helps you ask all the tough questions and makes sure that you stay true to yourself.

That way, within a few days, without having to sleep with anybody, without having to invest yourself emotionally, you are fully informed about the other person. And you make a much better decision and even if you walk away, there’s no emotional baggage to carry onto the next relationship.

Now, if you are short of questions, I have written a book over two years, it’s called ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married‘. I’m giving away a copy absolutely free to everybody, click here to get yours. It’s full of questions like ‘How’s your financial health?’, ‘How’s your credit score?’, ‘Can you have children?”, “Do you want to have children?’, ‘How’s your mental health?’, “Do you have any hereditary diseases?’, ‘Can you drive?’ etc. Whatever in that book is the most relevant to you, make a list of it, take it along and ask those questions so you can be better informed.

Good Luck!

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