How to Friendzone a Girl and Not break Her Heart

How to Friendzone a Girl and Not break Her Heart

You land in the friendzone when you are interested in a person and want a relationship but that person does not feel the same way


When this happens, you may act in certain ways to discourage the relationship and rather just be friends. We often hear of girls putting boys into the friendzone, but guys too often are not interested in a girl. Being a guy you may need to put a girl into the friendzone.  But remember! Girls are fragile creatures and you don’t want to break their hearts in the process.


Consider the girl’s emotions

If the girl has told you about her feelings for you,  you should know it took her a lot of courage to express her heart out.

Do not be mean to her; stay firm but nice. You should not sound humiliating or make the girl feel uncomfortable.

If you don’t like her looks, you do not need to say that, just tell her you are not interested in anything more.


Be honest

Be honest with her and do not tell lies. It will backfire on you. Push her to the friendzone sooner rather than later. The longer you keep her expectations up for a relationship, the more it will hurt her when you send her to the friendzone.

Obviously, she will feel hurt when you have this conversation but you can avoid major heartbreak.


Be ready for the worst

If she makes it clear that she is not happy about only being friends, you should back off and give her space. Do not continue to engage her. If she wants to stay friends then she will let you know. You should not have any expectations; she might push you away entirely.


Social and physical cues

Never flirt with a girl that you placed in the friendzone. Don’t confuse the girl by texting her often or using a lot of emojis.

You have already told her you are not interested; under no circumstances should you flirt with her and never approach her for a one-night stand. Rather visit and get some advice for relationships and to meet a new girl.


Keep the distance

If you do run into her at friends or the mall, you should avoid touching her. Give her a hug or high five like you do with the other girls. Do not sit next to her and don’t hold onto her for any reason.


Don’t let social media give her wrong signals

Social media is not the way to friendzone a girl. This is just embarrassing and will break her heart. At the same time, being friends on social media is normal. You should avoid posting too many comments on her post and don’t use any emojis or stickers.

You can still hang out with her and it will be normal to do that otherwise you are not friends.

Stay away from just going out with her though because that might seem like a date. Socialize with all your friends together and engage with other girls in front of her. This will clearly show her that you are friends and do not want a relationship with her. You can even advise her to post her profile at to find a true lover of her own kind.

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