A Relationship Without a Title

How Not To be Trapped in a Non-Serious Relationship

A relationship without a title is no relationship at all. Be in a relationship and wait for few weeks to see if your guy is serious and sober enough to commit & take care of your life long emotions


When you have been dating a great guy for a few short weeks. You will begin to notice yourself waiting to see if he wants to take things to the next level. It is totally natural at the beginning of a new relationship to find yourself in that awkward in-between phase.

However, if this progresses from a few short weeks to long months of wondering where you stand. It is time to reassess his intentions and the overall potential of the relationship.  For a better understanding, browse through Undefined Relationship.

Try not to jump into a relationship without a title. Don’t be the kind of girl to give far more than she receives. You deserve to be part of a couple where the feelings and effort are mutual.


Why Is A Title Important?

In a monogamous relationship, when two people start to get serious it is expected that the relationship will be defined as exclusive.

While there is no set timeline for this development. It is generally considered acceptable to wait between one and three months before going official.

This amount of time allows you to get to know one another and make the decision to commit. If there is no hint from his side of an urge to make you his life. It is likely that he doesn’t see you as more than a casual hookup.

By continuing to give him your time and attention, you may be investing your whole heart into a fantasy. You will then find that relationship without a title is just a wild goose chase.

In reality, it would seem that the guy is too immature for the kind of relationship you are looking for. And it also reflects that he is unwilling to give you what you deserve.

Putting a title on your relationship is important for you to know where you stand so that your trust in one another can grow.


No Obligations

Somehow you have found yourself in a relationship without a title. Now when you have patiently waited for him to ask you to be exclusive. You kept waiting but he still hasn’t made a move, you may start to feel trapped in a grey area.

He has your loyalty and he knows this, but do you have his? In a relationship without a title, you will face a lot of confusion. You will always be wondering about what he is up to in his spare time.

While the reason for the delay could be perfectly innocent. It is likely that he simply wants to keep his options open while stringing you along.

He may enjoy the security of knowing that you are always there for him when he wants to have some fun, but he might not be husband material.

If he is refusing to commit, then it is better to move on because the chances of a happy future together are slim.

In a relationship without a title, he is not obligated to put in any effort. But at the same time, he can still reap the benefits of your affection.

If you call him out on his bullshit, he can simply point out that he owes you nothing. And then continue to act like a dick and do whatever (or whoever) he pleases.

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