Spiritual Partner

Spiritual Partner: Can Relationship Survive When One Isn’t Spiritual?


You are a spiritual person: you meditate, do yoga and focus on being mindful. Your partner does not feel the same way. The situation has made you worried and you are uncertain about the future of your relationship. The nagging question in your mind is whether your relationship is sustainable even if your partner is not spiritual.


Traits of spiritually evolved people

People who have spiritually evolved display compassion, kindness, and love. You are aware of your actions and how it affects others. Integrity and the courage to do what is right is what you strive for every day. You are a mature individual and accountable for your actions.

Being open-minded and learning new things is important to you. You are a good listener and valuable connections. Your relationship is important to you and this is why you are worried about your partner not being on the same path. Ego is not part of your vocabulary and your value is not equal to monetary gains. The outcome of events does not affect you as much and new opportunities are exciting.


Making relationships work while being spiritual

People move along their spiritual paths at different rates. If you feel that your partner isn’t as spiritually evolved as you are then you need to examine yourself first! A spiritually mature person does not judge others and you are judging your partner in comparing your spiritual growth. Reflect on your own actions and adjust to focus on your spiritual growth instead of what your partner is growing through.

Think about how you would like your partner to share in your journey. Invite him to go to yoga with you or do something together for the community. Talking to your partner is always a good thing. Be honest with your partner about your spiritual journey and her about her journey – she might be meditating without you even knowing, which opens the door for growth together. Talking about your priorities and the reasons you are becoming spiritually evolved may entice your partner to also consider his spiritual journey. Set goals together and reconcile your relationship to give both parties a chance for growth.


If your partner is not willing to understand your views and her actions no longer correspond with your values, then you might want to consider breaking off the relationship. The differences between you may be just too big to reconcile the relationship. Your partner was necessary at some point in your life but it may be the season for change.

Difficult times in your life or your partner’s life will happen and how you respond is what brings you closer together. You will both go through times when your spirits are down and this is the moment in which your mutual support will carry the other person. Spiritually evolved people are strong for their partner when times are tough.

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