Arranged Marriage

Can An Arranged Marriages Work — [Facts You Must Know]

It may seem archaic to some, but arranged marriages still take place every day in various parts of the world. For most, the notion of marrying someone you barely know, or would not have chosen for yourself is somewhat daunting. But knows that when two people are committed, an arranged marriage does work, and here is how.


You Have Your Family’s Approval

When a marriage is arranged, your family is heavily involved in the decision making and the initial choice of partner. The truth is, no one knows you better than your parents do. They know the innermost workings of your character and their understanding of you goes deeper than anyone else’s. Chances are they will choose a better companion for you than you will for yourself if you do not meet them with resistance. 


Getting To Know You

This is not much different from dating, except that you cannot flake out and spend the rest of your life. And wondering what it would have been like if you hadn’t let Prince Charming getaway. Because you didn’t like the way he wore his hair. Being married means that you are forced to communicate and put the work into getting to know each other. And let’s face it, the butterflies of being courted or courting someone with the security of knowing. They cannot easily turn on their heels and run is thrilling. 


No Fear Of Commitment

It may seem an obvious statement, but couples in an arranged marriage forego a fear of commitment. Yes, there are other obstacles, but together you can grow as a couple knowing that the talk of marriage and the fear of commitment is put to rest. Far too often, men especially, back out of a relationship at the first sign of an expectation of commitment. With an arranged marriage, you are committed. There is no backing out. All that is left to do is enjoy your partner. 


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The Bond Is Deeper

Because you are both in this together, and both of you chose to commit to making your marriage work, chances are that you will be more committed to getting to know each other on an intimate level. Knowing that active work and communication is needed to make your marriage work means more time spent trying to create a deep and meaningful bond. Getting to know each other through intimate touch, common interests and clear concise communication means most arranged marriage couples know each other on a far deeper level than their choice marriage couples. 


You Have the Support of Both Families

Both sets of parents and families were involved in the decision making for your marriage. When things get tough, as they do in any marriage, they will be there for you. Their invaluable advice will be at your disposal because they are as invested in making your marriage work as you are. Your parents know what it takes to make a marriage work and how to grow as a couple. They will be there as a sounding board to help you communicate your needs to your partner and will ensure that your arranged marriage works as well as it can, together as a couple. 

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