Emotional Bond

Signs Of A Strong Emotional Bond — [Must Read]

A deep emotional connection goes beyond the physical. It is neither confined by your physical appearance nor sexual desire. GoMarry.com explores the top 6 signs of a strong emotional bond. 


Your Future

When both partners can picture a future together and make plans for that future. It means you’ve formed a strong emotional bond. Each partner will evolve, grow, change, and start over with every main life event that occurs but the one constant is having their partner involved at every step in the process. A strong emotional bond means that petty aggravations are overlooked for a happy and positive future. 


Intimacy & Communication

Intimacy is far more than sex. Touch releases happy hormones from your brain, which creates a stronger emotional bond with your partner. Getting addicted to non-intimate touch is never a bad thing when it means that you are reinforcing or creating an emotional bond. Hand holding, cuddling, and sleeping together all shows that a strong emotional bond has been created with your partner. Emotions are difficult, especially for men. Men are taught from a young age to be tough and to hide their feelings from people around them. The reality is, men are just as vulnerable as women are. If your partner is comfortable enough in your presence to express their emotions freely and can be vulnerable with you, then a strong emotional bond has been formed between your partner and yourself. 


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No Distractions & Reaction

There is no higher form of respect that someone’s ability to give you all of their attention. Distractions like televisions and social media play a huge role in destroying relationships. If your partner can switch off and drown out the noise of today’s distractions to give you one hundred percent of their attention and focus it not only shows you respect but shows a close emotional bond. Being able to communicate effectively means that you wait to respond to your partner in an argument. Being reactionary creates misunderstandings and usually over inflates issues. When your partner can discuss with you, without expressing frustrations or anger it shows a strong emotional bond. 


Talk About Anything & Being Understood

Being emotionally connected means that you love to listen to your partner talk. You can converse with them on any subject and they will listen to you ramble for hours about things that others don’t give you the time of day for. Physical attraction usually doesn’t require much effort but an intellectual connection is something special and signifies a strong emotional bond. Being understood is vitally important for a good relationship. When your partner goes out of their way to understand what you are trying to communicate and considers your feelings above their own, your bond is strong. Knowing that you are understood helps a person to feel secure within their relationship and allows them to be themselves no matter what. 

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