Anxiety & Fear

Dealing With Anxiety & Fear: When it Controls Relationship

Many people experience anxiety and fear daily. It can become a controlling factor within relationships. Throughout relationships, people have anxious thoughts and can become a breeding ground for unhealthy anxiety and fear. This is possible in any stage of the relationship.


Anxiety Throughout Relationships

A single person can get stressed out at the thought of a relationship. The idea of having a relationship can evoke feelings of fear or anxiety because a person has to give up some control to enter into a relationship. When you just start seeing a person, you may fear their reactions to your personality or feel anxious about making a good impression. You could be worried about the type of person someone is and whether they are correct for you.

As your relationship progresses, you may feel even more anxiety and fear. You could be anxious about the future of your relationship or your partner’s reactions. Things such as cheating may make you feel anxious or you could even feel fear of commitment for life. This has a multitude of effects on your relationship.

Effects of Fear and Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel separated from your partner and result in loneliness. Love is always a challenge and it could be due to many reasons, including your insecurities or a fear of intimacy. Everyone has an internal voice providing constant critique. It can impact your self-esteem and your actions may become destructive. Your insecurity in your partner may reflect insecurity and distort reality. There are also other ways in which fear and anxiety can affect the relationship:

  1. You may start to become clingy and question every move your partner makes.
  2. In an attempt to control your partner, you convey a sense of distrust.
  3. Rejection from one or both partners can occur due to fear and anxiety.
  4. You may withhold your love from your partner as you are scared it will not be returned.
  5. Your partner may feel he or she is being punished due to your insecurities.
  6. Retreating from your relationship is a real possibility.


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Overcoming Fear And Anxiety

Fear and anxiety have their roots in your problems and that is what you need to focus on: yourself! Focus on yourself and try to view your emotions separately from your relationship. You need to identify your critical inner voice and its devastating effects. Your critical inner voice is causing fear and anxiety, so addressing it will address your problems. Identify the things your critical voice has an issue with and how you are using them defensively. This could be part of past experiences that caused fear.

Once you deal with your insecurities, you can overcome this phenomena. It will open you up to your relationship and help you to move forward with a positive mindset. You can get more relationship tips on to help you understand your emotions. 

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